चीन-भारत युवा वार्ता 2019 में शामिल होने का मौका

2019-07-19 17:11:11
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What’s the event about?

China-India Youth Talks 2019 is an event organized by CRI China Plus and South Asia Division of China Media Group. Four Chinese and four Indian youth representatives will be invited to Beijing for a 1.5-hour dialogue. These eight leading figures will discuss a broad range of topics, such as “What can China and India learn from each other?” and “How can China and India grow together?” based on their experience of living in both countries. Chinese and Indian media will use social media, television, and radio platforms to publicize the event.

Date: September 28, 2019 Location: Beijing Language: English

What are the requirements for candidates?

1. The candidates must be Chinese or Indian nationals aged 40 years or under.

2. They should have contributed to exchanges and cooperation between China and India in economics, trade, cultural exchange, tourism, education, or other fields.

3. They should be fluent and articulate in English.

How to sign up?

1. Record a video introducing yourself and sharing your China-India story. The applicant must appear in the video. The video should be 1 to 2 minutes long.

2. Prepare your CV.

3. Send your video and CV to: crichinaplus@hotmail.com

4. Submission deadline: August 15, 2019

What else?

1. CRI China Plus will arrange and pay for your travel to and from Beijing, and your domestic transportation and accommodation during your stay.

2. Itinerary: The representatives will need to arrive in Beijing on Friday, September 27 in order to participate in the event on Saturday, September 28. They will leave Beijing on Sunday, September 29.


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